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Today 27.03.2023 3:44:27

[1.01] Happy New Year 2015!

[1.01] Happy New Year 2014!

[12.05] The project "Family Feud" started!



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    Game "Family Feud" is accessible to all interested persons. Almost all its possibilities are opened to you and without the sponsor's contribution. But for our sponsors the number of insignificant interesting possibilities which they in quality of gratitude of the author can use is provided. About these nuances also it would be desirable to tell in the given section.

    The balance is the dollar equivalent, the enumerated sum of money as sponsor's support of a site. Balance addition occurs in appropriate section "Balance", the various variants of payment described in this section are for this purpose provided.

    The users having in balance from $0.51 and more can use freely ICQ and participate in game "Tomorrow" daily. Participants as can communicate with smaller or zero balance in аське, but only when the total number of users on a site does not exceed 100. As on days off (Saturday and Sunday) possibility of game in "Tomorrow" such users will be blocked that will deprive of their possibility to play "Tomorrow" once a week.

    In the beginning of each month (1st at 0:00 on Moscow time) there is a removal of 1$ from balance of all users as the subscriber card. Thus the balance never becomes negative (i.e. if the balance was less dollar it is unset).

    Each user in the presence of positive balance from $1.55 possibility of translation of the resources at a rate of 1$ to other user of a site, and such translation influences a nomination "Sponsor". To use similar translation it is possible is multiple. We will notice that the part of balance received as a prize in competition or otherwise, not concerning a real remittance cannot be translated other player and does not influence a nomination "Sponsor". The players having in balance more 10$ see on a site of less advertising and the additional statistics on total payment for month other users. Also in the presence of 10$ it is possible to make an application the manager on an accessory to group "Sponsor" in a forum that will raise your status in a forum and will open access to its one more section.

    Besides described above привелегий there are some more possibilities:

  • Answer purchase in "Today"
  • Review of a following question in "Today"
  • Review of ip-addresses and cities of users in ICQ
  • Congratulation of participants and advertising

    In more details about the possibilities mentioned above it is possible to read here.

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1. Alla Hayriyan0
2. CisyBNlPz0
3. DorianicnKG0
4. DorianmiyKG0
5. IJKlwPLfRtdA0
6. IuUPAvyc0
7. JamessjQU0
8. LucilleedizeTC0
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