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    Here you can receive more detailed information on principles and forms of the game presented on the given site.


    In the given section some question on which participants should find answers daily is exposed. For each right answer participants get prize-winning points of which the rating is formed. And the base of questions and answers is generated in such a manner that on earlier position there are answers which are more popular among the interrogated population. Thus, participants receive for less popular answer большее quantity of points. Thus quantity of attempts неограничено, and the points received for different answers are summarised. The quantity of variants of answers can be any, but usually them 6. The formula for calculation of quantity of points Q for i-й the answer from n looks like the possible: Q=i*10*[200/n/(n+1)], where [] - the whole part of a real number. Thus, the sum of points, received in section "Today" in a current of day cannot exceed 1000.
    All variants of answers can contain only English characters, and as punctuation marks and a blank. Thus the register is ignored. 3 first characters are significant only, therefore at input of variants of answers in section "Today" it is possible to be limited only to three characters. The information on charges for right answers in different days can be viewed in section "My incomes", and by pressing the name in "Online" it is possible to see the incomes for different days in which incomes are included also has undressed "Today".
    In game "Today" it is possible to play and to nonregistered users, but in this case the result of game is not saved in a program DB. At game under the login it is possible to continue to play any moment on any other computer, connected to the Internet. The number allocated in brackets in the main menu after the link "Today" symbolises quantity of the registered participants who have taken part in game "Today".


    In the given section all users can see questions and right answers of all games for the last week with the information on quantity of participants per every day. The number allocated in brackets in the main menu after the link "Yesterday" symbolises quantity of the registered participants who have taken part in yesterday's game.


    Perhaps, it is the most interesting section in which users can not only make hit, but also bring the contribution to creation of a DB of questions of game "Hundred to one". As in this section you can offer the exclusive question which moves in the list of demands to the manager of a site. The question should be interesting and mean set of variants of answers. The question should not repeat or resemble one of questions available already in base. From the questions sent by participants the manager exposes one for the common discussion. Then users send 6 (excellent from each other) variants of answers.
    The registered users can take part in the given game only. On a current question each user can send variants of answers only once. In the course of game the base of answers on exposed in "Tomorrow" question is formed. While the question is not accepted, the sent answers participants can see only the variants, but change them cannot.
    The manager accepts a question at any moment when will consider it necessary. Thus at once there is an exhibiting of a new question. Rough time of exhibiting of a question from 5:00 till in the week-days and from 9:00 till on week-ends* (time Moscow). One question a day is usually exposed only. For question acceptance it is necessary, that the quantity of participants has responded to a question sufficient for statistics. The accepted variants of answers are sorted in decreasing order of quantity of voices and, as a rule, the first 6 variants are accepted only. But the quantity of the accepted variants can be any, and accepted овтеты can not correspond to the sequence (some variants can be skipped) as variants of answers are formed by the manager at own discretion. It is necessary to remember that the variants of answers having same first three characters are considered equal (the register is not important). At the moment of acceptance of a question by leader there is a charge of resources to participants, removal of a question from discussion and its addition in the common DB of questions "Hundred to one" so that this point in question has been exposed in section "Today" as it is possible later (for example, year through three). It is necessary to mention as that the real addition of points occurs from 19:00 till Moscow time, but statistican of charges can see at once after question acceptance.
    In section "Tomorrow" it is possible to observe statistics in the form of reports on all accepted questions for the last month. The list of the accepted questions is allocated hardly below the current exposed question. Here date of acceptance of a question, the question text, the author of a question, quantity of participants and the points, calculated to you for involvement in discussion is mirrored. By pressing the question text it is possible to see a rating of the users who have taken part in discussion of a question. Here it is possible to see points on all sorts of charges for each of participants:

  • For the offered variants of answers (for coincidence of answers with result). Thus in case of coincidence of number of a variant of the answer with a position specified by the user, the quantity of points for the answer is multiplied on 3
  • For timeliness of sending of answers (in case of presence of true variants of answers first half of responded receive in addition to 240 points). The given encouragement operates only on the questions exposed during week-ends*.
  • For question exhibiting (the author of the question who has offered the given variant in section "Tomorrow") receives. Thus encouragement P is calculated under the formula: P = 200 + [N/10], where N-quantity of participants, and [] - operation of integer division

    As here it is possible to view the first 100 variants of the answers sent by users with the information on quantity of repetitions by reference "Variants of answers". And in section "My answers" the user sees the report under the answers sent to it with the information on charges and a position of answers in a rating. "Tomorrow" it is possible to see the information on all charges of game in "My incomes".

    * As the days off are understood all the Saturday long and Sundays. Thus, all the Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - week-days.

1. Serpantin230
2. Alla Hayriyan210
3. CisyBNlPz0
4. DorianicnKG0
5. DorianmiyKG0
6. IJKlwPLfRtdA0
7. IuUPAvyc0
8. JamessjQU0
9. LucilleedizeTC0
10. octTniuCqAyQfXd0
1. Alla Hayriyan0
2. CisyBNlPz0
3. DorianicnKG0
4. DorianmiyKG0
5. IJKlwPLfRtdA0
6. IuUPAvyc0
7. JamessjQU0
8. LucilleedizeTC0
9. octTniuCqAyQfXd0
10. PuDknGLQpqh0
The participant with the maximum ratingPolyglot:
The participant who has typed the greatest quantity of points on the days offWorkaholic:
Alla Hayriyan0
The participant with a maximum quantity of the points earned in current monthLeader of month:
Alla Hayriyan0
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Alla Hayriyan1
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