Family Feud

Today 28.01.2021 18:12:57

[1.01] Happy New Year 2015!

[1.01] Happy New Year 2014!

[12.05] The project "Family Feud" started!



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1. Alla Hayriyan20970
2. Goldilocks4800
3. Gea M.R.660
4. aleksndusrsNC0
5. AllanbonMF0
6. AndrewBokES0
7. AngeldedTJ0
8. AngelobusTP0
9. AnthonytafOC0
10. ArmandoKesZN0
The participant with the maximum ratingPolyglot:
Alla Hayriyan20970
The participant who has typed the greatest quantity of points on the days offWorkaholic:
Alla Hayriyan6180
The participant having the maximum mean score at more than 10 gamesIntellectual:
Alla Hayriyan775
The participant with a maximum quantity of the points earned in current monthLeader of month:
Alla Hayriyan20970
The participant who has come from the maximum number of various IP-addresses in current monthVisitor:
Alla Hayriyan9
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