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    The given game is realised under the scenario of a known telecast "Family Feud". The idea of realisation is taken from a Russian-speaking site where game rules differ from the original a little.

About this game

    In game "Family Feud" some question on which participants should find answers is daily exposed. For each right answer participants get prize-winning points of which the rating is formed. And the base of questions and answers is generated in such a manner that on more early position there are answers which are more popular among the interrogated population. Thus, participants receive for less popular answer greatest quantity of points. The present day question is reflected in section "Today" in which it is necessary to specify variants of answers. Thus quantity of attempts unlimited, and the points received for different answers are summarised. In section "Yesterday" it is possible to see correct variants of answers to a question of previous days. Section "Tomorrow" serves for replenishment of a set of questions and additional encouragement of participants. Here you can offer the question which will be sent further the leader and can be exposed in this section for the general discussion. On termination of discussion the most popular answers which are added further in base get out, and the participants which answers have coincided with the popular receive prize-winning points. More in detail about game you can read here. In game as there is a possibility of sponsor's support of a site in the form of balance replenishment at section "Balance" which gives some advantages to participants in game.


    For participation in game it is necessary to be registered in section "Registration". At filling of biographical particulars it is desirable to specify the Surname, the Name and the Patronymic completely as it is desirable to specify an e-mail address on which right after the letter with the message on registration will be sent registration. Later the personal data can be changed in section "Passport". In a consequence it is possible to organise in addition sending of the message on the entrance data of the user under the reference "Have forgotten the password?".

1. Alla Hayriyan210
2. aHJMQdCZ0
3. ajNKsonpJB0
4. ANBsflIVqjkRz0
5. axYOnSRKfPcZ0
6. cZjzuDqIgy0
7. iUwSncqAR0
8. JzZBsqtlLixGoMmP0
9. kDSKLjdEIwA0
10. mcAxpnQfw0
The participant with the maximum ratingPolyglot:
Alla Hayriyan210
The participant who has typed the greatest quantity of points on the days offWorkaholic:
Alla Hayriyan0
The participant with a maximum quantity of the points earned in current monthLeader of month:
Alla Hayriyan210
The participant who has come from the maximum number of various IP-addresses in current monthVisitor:
Alla Hayriyan1
The participant who has rendered the greatest sponsorSponsor:
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